Tinashe La is an author, motivational speaker, worship leader and an advocate for action against domestic violence and abuse. She now lives in Perth, Australia, having moved from Harare, Zimbabwe, in 2004, to further her studies. It was whilst she was pursuing her studies she became involved in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. She tried constantly to leave the relationship and always found herself going back. In her quest for freedom she faced her fears and became who she is today, a very passionate lady.
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Greener Pastures Beyond Mt.Abuse
Is something we human beings take for granted. Everyone can speak but the art of expressing ourselves clearly is something we all need to learn. When speaking to different audiences we have to use different techniques i.e. body language and if the wrong technique or words are used, serious consequences can occur. Relationships falter today because people lack the skills to nurture those relationships. Maya Angelou said, “Now no one is going to make you talk, possibly no one can. But bear in mind, language is man's way of communicating with his fellow man and it is language alone which separates him from the lower animals”.
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