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Tinashe LA


Tinashe La is a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), an author, motivational speaker, recording gospel artist and an advocate for action against domestic violence and abuse with Ruah Community Services for their #mystory #mytime advocacy group. She now lives in Perth, Australia, having moved from Harare, Zimbabwe, in 2004, to further her studies. It was whilst she was pursuing her studies she became involved in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. She tried constantly to leave the relationship and always found herself going back. In her quest for freedom she faced her fears and became who she is today, a very passionate lady.

Surrounded by men and women in abusive relationships, many of whom are unaware of their predicament and by youths unable to open up to their loved ones regarding relationships, she hopes to encourage conversations where often there is silence. Tinashe realises that her story can motivate those going through similar situations, to inspire them to face their fears and go on to live loving and fulfilling lives beyond the mountain before them.

If she lived for three years in an abusive relationship, finding the strength to leave and go on to pursue her dreams, then others can do the same. In digging deep to understand why she kept quiet during the years of abuse, she looks at how her environments such as African culture, tradition, religion and her upbringing moulded her and at times restricted opportunities in her new society.