Advocacy Work

As a survivor and advocate, I am honoured and privileged to have provided input late last year into the National Plan Victim-Survivor Advocates Consultation Report.  This report is now publicly available at the link below. You can download a PDF or Word version of the Report at: This advocacy and my personal experience/s along with other survivors at the national … Continue reading Advocacy Work


“Have you ever wondered just how much courage it takes to tell your story? Recounting the trauma often means reliving the trauma – and that makes the courage and generosity of our My Story, My Time advocates even more remarkable. In the second of a series of videos designed to help inform and educate about … Continue reading Courage

Thank you

#thankyou In Shona, we say: ‘Kusatenda huroyi’ meaning “To not express gratitude is witchcraft.” Thank you for supporting my #book and #ebook Greener Pastures beyond Mt.Abuse and the speaking engagements in 2021.

Hello 2022

Hello it’s me your girl Tinashe La back with a bang. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited the website, purchased a copy of my book Greener Pastures beyond Mt.Abuse, contributed to my blogs and given me words of encouragement. As I work towards finishing my Master’s in Counselling this year you might … Continue reading Hello 2022

Farewell 2021

Last #blog post of 2021…. We are living in times where you can easily feel some sense of loneliness and emptiness due to lockdowns and separations. Having said that there are many opportunists out there who come out dressed as spiritual gurus. They know people are vulnerable and desperate so…..


Doctor Google dictionary says entitlement is, “the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.” This is a topic I have been wanting to talk and write about for a while and today is the day. After dropping my husband at the airport I got home to this beautiful WhatsApp message. Personally, … Continue reading ENTITLEMENT!