World Mental Health Day – 2018

Know this for sure, the person who has the ability to hurt you the most is someone who is very close to you. That is why I encourage you to leave room. #self-care

As we remember world health mental day I take this moment to remind you that, 'God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground' Genesis 1:28. Continue reading World Mental Health Day – 2018

Relationship Goals

#sunday #reflection #respect

Giving honour where it’s due. A wife/women/girlfriend/partner is not a slave or housemaid.

There is an old traditional narrative that is sang across the world or cultures on a woman’s place being the kitchen. Today I take time to reflect on this narrative and appreciate all the men who are changing this narrative to better not just their homes, wives, relationships but their lifestyles too. Continue reading Relationship Goals

Why it is important for parents to say sorry too

As it is said, ‘charity begins at home.’ Parents and guardians teach the young ones from as early as they can speak to say the words sorry, because they know the importance of that word. Personally I feel that the word SORRY brings healing. Sorry is a very profound and important word. I cannot even begin to imagine or explain of how many people old and young, generation from generation who are waiting patiently on that five letter word to begin to heal. Continue reading Why it is important for parents to say sorry too

Reflecting on my childhood low self-esteem

Someone once said, ‘wherever there is an action there is a reaction.’ I always ask myself why I never did anything when he first slapped me and the rest of the times that he beat me. And the first thing that comes to mind is how I had low self-esteem then. I never had any confidence to stand up for myself. The best thing I knew to do was to keep quiet and just walk away, hoping things would work out for themselves. And this goes back to my childhood. Continue reading Reflecting on my childhood low self-esteem

Abuse knows no gender

Abuse knows no gender. I might have been violated and abused but I am not biased. Having had the opportunity to speak to different men of different age-groups, cultures and nationalities I have come to realise that men are suffering too. There are women in society who are taking advantage of the fact that it’s common for men to be perpetrators in family violence and abuse. As a result they use this to their advantage, thereby causing men to not disclose the abuse they receive from women. Continue reading Abuse knows no gender