Book Reviews

Hi Sister Tina
I’ve now finished reading your book from cover to cover. Firstly, let me commend you for your courage, resilience and dedication to reach out to those who are in despair.
As an Author myself, and a woman from African background, this is a monumental achievement.

The power of someone’s story is that no one can take it from them, however the targeted audience will gravitate toward it and be impacted by what you’ve shared. You took me on a journey of your personal life, and girl, I experienced every emotion; I cried, laughed, and jumped out of my seat on numerous occasions. I was like boy, finally, someone has said it!

There’s no doubt that the book is not for everyone, it’s for those who are open-minded to be challenged and to acknowledge the underlying misfortunes that has been contributed by inadequacies of culture and certain practices which are far outdated.
When you told me, you had a lot of discouragements from people you didn’t expect these to come from, now I understand why. You have touched on very sensitive topics that have been tabus for centuries. I wish you the very best as you continue to reach new heights.
Love, Pastor Gracia Mukiibi