Greener Pastures Beyond Mt.Abuse

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Is something we human beings take for granted. Everyone can speak but the art of expressing ourselves clearly is something we all need to learn. When speaking to different audiences we have to use different techniques i.e. body language and if the wrong technique or words are used, serious consequences can occur. Relationships falter today because people lack the skills to nurture those relationships. Maya Angelou said, “Now no one is going to make you talk, possibly no one can. But bear in mind, language is man’s way of communicating with his fellow man and it is language alone which separates him from the lower animals”. I have been learning over the years and am still learning how to communicate effectively. I would like to share what I have learnt.
Personally, I believe that forgiveness is not about the other person who has wronged you it is all about you. Why? Because you need to move on beyond the circumstances and if not, you will stay in the same place forever. It is not simply about forgiving the person or party who has wronged you, rather true forgiveness is freeing yourself from a particular situation and bringing inner peace to yourself. It becomes more challenging when we have to forgive those whom we are closest to, however, it can and has to be done.
The key of self-confidence is to like and respect the person you are. The majority of us are not happy with the way we are. In today’s society if you cannot accept yourself then who can accept you?

Since we are human beings, we are not the perfect product that stems from the factories. Unfortunately, imperfection is part of life and we need to accept that.

The only thing that is important is that we are alive and grateful for it. Living today is a blessing.

Domestic violence and abuse
Across the world there is a growing awareness of the prevalence of domestic abuse in our societies. There is, however, little understanding of the fact that domestic abuse can take many forms. In addition to violence, abuse can be sexual, emotional, psychological, cultural, spiritual, financial, economic, verbal, social, the form of stalking and more recently technology facilitated abuse. We have to go back to our roots to understand the origin of domestic violence and abuse. This means looking into childhoods, older generations and cultures and determining where the abuse was instilled. Until we examine our roots, we will continue to work superficially and perpetuate the endless cycle of abuse.