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#barika my foot! #polygamy for who and why?

These are just my #personal thoughts from what I have learnt here on earth so far.

Besides the person running the show enjoying sexual satisfaction from multiple partners what does the rest get besides:

Fatherless children,
Violence and abuse,
High blood pressures,
Heart attacks,
Diseases and infections and the list goes on and on…it’s endless.

And they tell you this is #love it’s a lie!

Inspired by the song, ‘Barika’ by Simon Chimbetu and the Orchestra Dendera Kings.

Love Always
Tinashe Angeline La
Real Raw Relatable

Interview with Tinashe La in 2019 – Interviewed by Rita Saggar

Tinashe La, migrated from Zimbabwe where she had witnessed domestic abuse and violence in her community. She shares her own personal story as a survivor of domestic violence and recognising abuse for what it was. She speaks about navigating spousal visas as an immigrant in Australia, and taking control of your own life, choosing to vanquish shame for good. Please be advised that this story contains themes of family and domestic violence that some listeners may find distressing.

Resource available at State Library of Western Australian

Break the generational cycle!

I am challenging the other #woman aka Mother’s in law or if you prefer Mother in love today. This is one of the times I will use the term #ManUp and protect your spouse! You are nolonger a boy🤞. Scripture says “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” What then if the mother in law still holds back the man? What then?
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