Counselling Services

About the Registered Counsellor in Perth

Tinashe, brings a holistic and calm approach to practice incorporating a trauma-informed care, a variety of therapeutic and mentoring strategies. As a registered counsellor in Perth, I enable clients to find a different perspective to approach life and find calmness in the midst of storms of everyday life. Tinashe received a Master’s in Counselling qualification in 2023, currently a Level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association (Member # 22236) and is currently based in Landsdale, Perth. Since 2008, when she left an abusive relationship, Tinashe has been blessed with opportunities to meet people experiencing different forms of family and domestic violence and abuse. In listening to people share their stories from her lived experience skills she has mentored and supported both men and women to pursue better lives after heartache. In 2018, Tinashe published her first book “Greener Pastures Beyond Mt.Abuse” to share her story of abuse to help others. In pursuing her Master’s qualification she wanted to ensure that she was qualified and competent to talk to people from all walks of life and backgrounds and most importantly that she was ethical and accountable in her practice. Her first love has been helping people affected with family and domestic violence and abuse. Tinashe, is also a lived experience advocate to organisations in the Industry, working with Ruah since 2019 till date. She also sits on Western Australia’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Reference Group. This year she also joined the Advisory Group for Family and Domestic Violence in Refugee Communities in WA under Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing. It was during her work placement at Shalom House Perth WA, that she realised she was limiting herself to only family and domestic violence and abuse when she realised that she could work with clients involved with drugs and alcohol using trauma – informed practices. Feel free to reach out, as an individual, family or couple and all genders are welcome too. You cannot heal from what you don’t talk about.
Counselling Services

Comprehensive Counselling Services in Perth by Registered Counsellor Tinashe La

With my extensive counselling services in Perth, you can expect an improvement of your situation. I will carefully analyse your difficulties and guide you through your wellness journey, you can expect peace of mind.
Will I receive judgement-free counselling?
As a registered qualified counsellor, it is my responsibility to never judge my clients regarding what they have faced or currently going through.
Can I expect improvement of my mental state with your counselling service?
Of course, with your self-determination because that’s what I am here for. I will be your voice of reason.
Which type of counselling should I book? The online or the over the phone service?
You can book the one that you feel will be convenient for you. Rest assured, both will be effective.