Doctor Google dictionary says entitlement is, “the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.”

This is a topic I have been wanting to talk and write about for a while and today is the day. After dropping my husband at the airport I got home to this beautiful WhatsApp message. Personally, I regard this as positive masculinity in comparison to patriarchy or entitlement.

I am sharing this text we shared to help educate and raise awareness on the beast that is entitlement, which is roaming in our streets nowadays.

I could have stayed in bed at 5.30am (because I love my sleep and I was not feeling 100% well) however, this was for us, for our family and benefits our home.

You would agree with me that we have an entitled generation after patriarchy (never seems to end there is always something).

We are taught from as young as we can say “mama” “papa” “dada” to say thank you or “ta” now, we rarely hear thank you from grown adults because they feel some sort of entitlement!

We are taught to say please from the moment we start talking now, we rarely hear or see, “can I please” because people are entitled!

We are taught in kindergartens to say good morning Mrs, Ms, Mr, and Miss…now, rarely do we hear good morning or good afternoon from our leaders. Not even a smile or a nod and they expect to have reputable organisations or for staff to acknowledge others.

May I boldly say it starts from the roots then overflows to the leaves and branches like this fiddle leaf in our bedroom overflowing with growth?

Love Always

Tinashe Angeline La


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