How would I describe myself today?

I am not #bitter but #better

I have been graced with a second chance to life (as I could have been killed, domestic violence and abuse kills!)

I am thankful and grateful to be surrounded by women like myself who neither spread the gospel of negativity, victim mentality nor hatred towards men or others. These #women and others help bring blessings and I am enriched and empowered.

I love the #woman I am today because above all else God loves me.

Want to hear and learn more? You can watch the whole series ↦

If you’re experiencing violence, please call 1800RESPECT, or 000 if you are in immediate danger.”

#MyStoryMyTime #TheVoiceOfLivedExperience #StopTheViolence

Love Always
Tinashe Angeline La
Real Raw Relatable

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