On International Day of the Girl Child, themed “With Her: A skilled Girl Force”

On International Day of the Girl Child, themed “With Her: A skilled Girl Force” I write this letter of encouragement to you girl child. You can do it, don’t be afraid!!!

If you think your MAN or PARENTS/GUARDINAS will support and finance you, how about if they get injured worse still if they die today what are you going to do? Will it be the death of you as well?

What I am trying to say to you beautiful girl, is that without working on your skills you will not get anywhere besides:

  • getting jealous of the other girls
  • gossiping on others that they have sugar daddies and are prostituting
  • stealing to be like other girls
  • looking for men with money to fulfil your own desires
  • going on social welfare to keep up with life
  • be a nuisance to your parents/guardians and suck on their retirement funds and hard work
  • annoy people by asking and begging constantly

You can change all this by working hard to improve a skill that you have. Every girl is born with a gift and talent, and with that you can acquire income to take care of yourself. Who said a girl?

  • can’t work for her own income
  • can’t travel by herself/friends
  • can’t take good care of herself
  • can’t go out for a coffee date by herself
  • can’t buy her own car
  • can’t shop for her own self
  • can’t buy her own condo/property/house/invest
  • can’t give to the poor/orphans/widowed/struggling

If your parents are blessed with wealth or your partner let it be a bonus. Waiting to just receive will bring heartache to you and your loved ones because there will come a time when they will get sick and tired of taking care of you. Even when you get married always asking money from your husband can bring frustrations to your marriage or relationship, imagine if you have to ask even money for underwear and bra? There is a sense of power and pride that comes from being your own independent girl. Respect is earned!

I work full time and I am an author. But many are surprised when I say I am also a ‘cleaner.’ If I was still in Zimbabwe they would call me a ‘house girl.’ My God given natural skill is passion for cleaning. Had it not been for this cleaning job that I have had since I arrived in Perth, I would have struggled terribly, but I have always had food to eat and a roof under my head? The extras have been a blessing.

Because of my cleaning, I am able to visit people around, invite more people to our home and have a meal, I can go out for coffee and cake, and I can support my family and friends. So what is your excuse? If you have hands and a brain, I am sure you can use that to earn something. I encourage you to do something with your life. Every opportunity that you are given, use it wisely. There is a time for everything.

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