It is a heart daring story to write while telling your story healing continues. From your story, many will be touched and everyone checks their lives to both young and old there is a connection. It is called breaking boundaries, it is a third dimension of you. Your experience will change lives.
Pastor Timothy Serugga
Hi Tina La, congratulations on getting this manuscript going, sad as it maybe it has a happy ending; there is a sense of determination and triumph. It is a narrative that will benefit many readers. Its strength lies in its originality based on a personal experience. Your personal experience is very useful in examining these issues. You’re not making a personal attack on anybody or institution except to present the contradictions inherent in our human interactions and relations, which require clarification through serious conversations with each other. I see your work in this context. It speaks to many people as the subject of domestic abuse is with us.
Dr Peter Mbago Wakholi
I admire your courage and resilience that you have come through these nasty experiences and that you are willing to share with others your story in order to raise awareness. There are many others out there who will relate to your story and I hope this can start the conversation which will bring about ways of creating change in the way we tackle these issues from the cultural perspective and break down the wall of silence.
Sarah Wakholi