Voices of Hope

We have a #guest
Whatever you are going through right now someone out there like ourselves has gone through it or going through it #youarenotalone
If we could overcome and continue to overcome you too can.

After overcoming my #toxic and #abusive and #violent relationship which wasn’t easy I still saw the oppression that was still around me (it’s bad what is happening behind closed doors) if I may be so bold to say so. I thought I had cried enough for everyone but to still see tears of the oppressed I decided to take that step of faith because I know two are better than one. When one falls down, their friend will help them up. Feeling pity for one who falls with no one to help was not good enough. So I decided to use the voice I still have to bring #hope and to have my #wcw (everyday) @Ja Net share with me today is an answered prayer. I could literally listen to her all day long and have conversations with her all day long and know that I will get something powerful out of it.
#nopretending #nojudgement #nocomparison #nocompetition Just #authentic #conversations

Feel free to share, comment and join in the conversation. PART 2 COMING SOON…..STAY TUNED

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