Walk Talk Counselling

Specialised Walk and Talk Counselling in Perth by Tinashe La

When you are struggling with mental or personal issues in life, you want specialised counselling or therapy to recover from them in a healthy manner. Many of you think that counselling is for people who have gone mad or crazy, but the truth is that it is for everyone with or without problems in life. So, I, Tinashe La, have specialised walk and talk counselling in Perth.With this, I make sure to make the most of our local pleasant areas to take you for walks, listen to what is going on with you and recommend the best ways to help you resolve them. I, as your therapist, will make sure to promote your physical wellness in nature too.

Walk and Talk Counselling
Walk and Talk Counselling

Benefits of My Walk-and-Talk Counselling Program

  • You are free to say anything throughout the session without judgement.
  • You get your body moving and in action, which makes you relax.
  • You can have your mood and energy enhanced by just being outdoors.
  • You can have increased mindfulness.
  • Your creativity level can get a boost.
There are more benefits that can come with my walk and talk counselling in Perth, which you should explore by starting to undergo it!
How Does It Work?
Walk and talk therapy combines traditional talk therapy with physical movement, creating a unique and dynamic approach to therapy. This form of therapy takes place while walking outdoors, allowing for a change in environment and a connection to nature. The physical activity of walking can also help to release endorphins, reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being. This type of therapy can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with sitting still and find it easier to express themselves while in motion. It can also provide a sense of freedom and empowerment, as you are able to move at your own pace and direction while discussing their thoughts and feelings I may also incorporate mindfulness aspects into the procedure to ensure constant physical movement and observation of the surroundings. My walk and talk counselling in Perth will help you work on your problems in the right manner while helping you feel nature and its beauty to the fullest.

What locations do you offer?
Please see below list of locations for walk and talk therapy

  • Location 1 – Herdsman Lake Regional Park
  • Location 2 – Kings Park
  • Location 3 – Northern (West Coast Drive Coastal Walk footpath)

Can you provide me with your walk-and-talk counselling in my home?
Please leave your preferred location in the notes when booking. Please note a $25 travel fee is included in the price of the session.

Will you take me for a long walk for walk-and-talk therapy?
Bookings are an hour, if you require more time please make a note in the notes. I can take you for a long walk to ensure that each of the walk and talk counselling sessions becomes more effective for you.

I am facing some major issues in my professional life due to my behaviour. Can you help me with it?
Yes, I can surely help you change your behaviour for the better. Just tell me everything about your current situation, what your issues are, and how your behaviour is. And I’ll make sure that you start doing better in your professional life in no time.

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